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Legal Corner

ALEU provides an attorney to assist its members and work related legal matters. Dues-paying members are guaranteed that should they have an issue such as a grievance or disciplinary hearing that the ALEU will file it for you and provide an attorney at hearings at the agency level or at SEGAP. The attorney is also available in emergency situations such as shootings and in-custody serious injury or death.

The ALEU full service attorney offers free phone consultations, reduced percentages on personal injury cases and reduced rates on other legal services.

Garrity II
Another court opinion strongly supporting Garrity rights for police officers.

The Tenth Circuit recently decided an interesting case on pre-termination procedural due process.

A recent Wisconsin case provides an example of why an officer needs to make a Garrity disclaimer prior to making a statement.

The Sixth Circuit recently issued a major victory regarding the use of compensatory time.

Summary of LEO First Amendment Rights

I.U.P.A. Garrity Rights Card